DOBQA Mission

Jurisdiction and Layout of the DOBQA

The Directorate of Offset Benefits & Quality Assurance (DOBQA) is responsible for the overall management of Offset Benefits (OB) stemming from armaments programs and Quality Assurance procedures pertaining to defense materials procurements. Through it’s organizational structure OBQAD has the responsibility for
the totality of OB Contacts life-cycle activities, ranging from initial evaluation, contract drafting and signature to contract management, implementation and closure.
the design and implementation of quality assurance procedures and the coordination and conduct of operational testing of systems and materials under procurement in coordination with the General Staffs.

DOBQA operates the following subordinate, Departments:

OB Contracts Department

OB Contracts Management Department

Quality Assurance & Policy Department

Governmental Added Value (GAV) Department

Codification Department

Standardization – Specifications Department